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bigeasy | one platform accelerates ingestion processing and adds enriched meta data tools.

The promise of AI as a metadata panacea hasn’t yet fully worked out. So this week sees the finishing touches being added to the upgraded workflow section of the big easy | one media management platform. 

The ingestion process abstracts embedded metadata and adds additional terms via AI recognition. At this point the video, still in the form of an entire shot reel, can be released for sale using exclusive Pay Per Second technology wherein the customer searches, selects, and slices the frames they require.

In parallel, editors can view the video, automatically adding additional synonyms and antonyms from a specialised thesaurus, then slice the video ready for clip or Pay Per Second sale.

To boost productivity further, the permissions management sub-system allows external SEO experts secure access to workflow editing.

The system configures meta data enrichment for video, image, audio and documents.

The upgrade is included at no extra cost in the current SAAS pricing model from $499 per month.

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