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How much do you need to start a video library - Part 3

We continue to unveil the secrets of running a footage business online. And today we talk about marketing a footage library, segmenting your target audience - those who buy footage and why. But first check

How much do you need to start a video library - Part 1 telling about content acquisition costs & video archive management costs.

How much do you need to start a video library - Part 2 telling about footage platform costs.

Footage library Marketing

The footage market is arguably split into three sectors. Film & documentary producers, marketing story producers and, a fast growing market, publishers – and especially educational publishers.

Film makers look for establishing shots, documentary makers seek archive footage. However the documentary market is shrinking; purchasing power is concentrating into fewer broadcast outlets and the public appears to be tired of archive. Evidently it's cheaper for documentary makers to use actors to tell a story and the audience likes attractive actors more than flickering archives.

Marketing departments are still content to let advertising agencies produce broadcast commercials and advertising agencies prefer to produce their own commercials. However, our research shows that marketing departments are more likely to use footage clips to create a product or brand story – particularly for usage in social media and online media.

The usage in marketing departments has expanded because of the demand for video expression from their audience; more often you'll find a self-trained video producer in the department; using footage and in-house employees the cost of video brand stories is kept low.

There is a sub group within marketing story tellers; it is the mass market of the small businesses who have very small sales & marketing departments – maybe just one or two people. It is of course, the largest market of all - and still relatively untapped. Small businesses can afford video clips; they cannot afford to outsource the production of a story.

Commercial plug.Ta da de dah.

We have an online video editor subsystem available within our platform. With a learning curve of just a few minutes a user can add and edit clips, add audio and text and save their completed story for download. This makes it possible, at last, to sell to the true volume market.

Online Publishers are waking up to the fact that they have to augment images with video; footage is the answer for them and the in-house editor, probably a designer or webmaster is doing the production. The big news is educational publishers are also having to make the move to video to satisfy the demand in classrooms. There are many issues over copyright and content for educational publishers; but once overcome a library could become a preferred provider.

So, how to reach these separate market sectors? Check our next post about marketing a footage library in a week. Have a great week!

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