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I’ve just been looking at the websites of a couple of our competitors in Media and Digital Asset Management platforms.

We all do it, don’t we? Looking at our competitors as part of a planned research effort, or just a sort of coffee break “I wonder what they’re doing now?”

As well as running a software business I’ve been a writer all my life. 

I say “run the software business”; I have some of the brightest people on the planet working in the business, so these days they do most of the running.

I nudge and steer, make sure we’re on the right course and smile and shake the hands of people we do business with.

For the first part of my career in marketing, I wrote ads. Award-winning ads that sold a lot of product.

Today, in my parallel life, I’m also a best-selling author. Travel, since you ask, by motorcycle.

Back then to the writing, or in today’s case, the reading. So I’m reading the copy on my competitors’ websites and I’m thinking, what on earth are they writing about? What does it mean?

And the thought goes to the question “Is this content understandable?” And then I blink at my own arrogance and the scales fall from my eyes and I think, “Wow! Our software has been doing that for years, but the competitors have highlighted it as an entirely new subsystem.”

And then someone from our marketing team nudges me and says “Waddabout updating the content on our site?”

Hmmmm. Winter is coming to the Northern Hemisphere; not the best time for long distance travel by motorcycle. No excuse to not buckle down and write some fresh content for our website. Especially as we have some new features that our competitors don’t have. Yet.

Perfection, I think, is for the next world, if there is one. So just for today I’ll mind my P’s and Q’s and continue to nudge and steer and, with my team of eager experts, seek consistent excellence instead.


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