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Chris Kern,

Technical Director at STALKR

August 1, 2015


"I ran a test master through the system. It was simple enough to fill out an xls and upload the meta after the master clip finished uploading. The transcoding was very quick too (only a 126 MB, but still quick)."



Pip Crosley,

Managing Editor at TimeframeHD

March 7, 2012


"We employed Bold Endeavours to design and implement a library software system for our timelapse footage. It's based on Big Easy Footage Library Software.


They have worked tirelessly to customise the system to our specific needs and never failed to patiently accommodate our endless requests.


The result is a fantastic website of which we are extremely proud. I highly recommend Bold Endeavours as a company you can trust and who deliver what they promise."



Jim Watt,

Bennet Watt HD Stock Footage


"Hi Natalie, Great job you and your team have done on our new stockfootage website. From initial conversations with Derek through the entire process this is by far the most professional organization we've ever encountered, particularly in the area of web development and design. Kudos! "



Chris Darvel,

MPH Production Co-ordinator


"Bold Endeavours created a website, which positively sends out the right messages about who we are and what we do.


The site has a well thought-out design and layout, which is attractive and appealing for users, which is exactly what we wanted. We are very happy. A job well done."



Alex Werjefelt,

President Mala'e Productions Ph: (808)-284-1570 Skype: malae_productions


"Hello, I found out about Bold Endeavours on a Google search as well. I spent many months looking for the best solution to sell our extensive collection of High Definition Stock Video, and was not satisfied with any of them.


Finally I made contact with Bold Endeavours.I first spoke with Derek Mansfield in November, I got the low-down about their Big Easy software. I then did some additional research, and then called Derek back in February and we got the ball rolling. Over the past month or so I have been dealing with Derek and his web team on almost a daily basis. Despite being half way around the world our communication has been great, and I haven't been anything less than impressed with their professionalism and dedication to make my requests work.


As far as the Big Easy system goes, there are many features which I was astounded to find that I had not thought about prior to seeing the back office features of the admin system, such as the Rights Managed and currency co-efficients. The system is very straight forward and is exactly what I was looking for in terms of ease of use, and common sense functionality. One of the other upside points for me was that the company's web-development production is located in Ukraine in order to minimize cost, which is especially appealing being that I can be confident to change something down the line and not be charged an arm and a leg for it. The web team has also been fantastic about communication, I recommend you make yourself available via skype as it makes communicating free and easy. All in all, Bold Endeavours has been one of the best companies I've dealt with in the video and web industry.


Good luck in the development of your stock site, and feel free to contact me with any additional questions."


Lloyd Tailor,

Managing Director at The Detective Agency Ltd

July 20, 2015


"We love working with you guys. Always a professional job."



Nathan Tomlinson,

Aerial DOP

AirviewXtreme Aerial Filming

P: +61 418 381 327



38 Driver Ave, Moorepark 2021

Sydney, NSW, Australia


"Hi Paul,

If you are looking to set up an online stock footage library please do yourself a favor and go with Derek and the guys at Big Easy Software, I spent over a year looking for what they offer and am now glad I got them onboard, the only limiting factor to my stock footage website is me, I need to dedicate more time to work with Derek and the Big Easy software guys to put the finishing touches on the functionality of the site.


The E-Commerce side of things was a little tricky but only because of my bank and its E-commerse portal here in Sydney Australia, the web guys worked through that issue and came up with a few solutions, I really have not come across an Issue they can not sort out quickly, I had a very specific design and usability idea for my site and again the web guys worked and listened to what i needed.


The pricing is excellent compared to starting from scratch and trying to explain to a web company what a codec is and what format options and transcoding is ect... you would end up paying for them to do all that research.


From my end the Big Easy Software guys are awesome and I get good value out of the site, again the only limiting factor is me ;)


Even if you are only in the early stages of thinking about a Stock Footage site you need to speak to Derek, he is ultra helpful and I wish I had gotten hold of him earlier.


If there is anything specific you want to know just ask, happy to help.





Robert T Prior,

Managing Director,

The Publishing Factory Ltd

0207 727 4236


"Dear Derek,


Further to your request for comments on our business relationship I am more than willing say how effective you are as web developers and hope the following demonstrates how highly we hold you amongst our suppliers - and being a real 'find' for us.


We have been using Bold Endeavours as a web consultancy and development company for about 3 years. In the initial stages we asked them for advice on Search Engine Optimisation and then to change the platform for our then Cold Fusion based site - The site was extremely complex but they managed to gain a complete understanding very fast - and this was without a developer's manual. For the last few years they have managed major site overhauls/upgrades very quickly with a minimum amount of fuss and at very competitive rates on both the Stock Index Online site and the sister site Currently we have 15,000 of our key search phrases in the top 20 of Google searches.


As a result our exposure and overall efficiency has increased and our maintenance costs have decreased considerably. Recently we began to involve Bold Endeavours in usability design - this was previously handled by a well known design company. Their input in terms of new page layout and navigation changes was considerable; a dramatic improvement in user-ship resulted. Finally I'd like to say that the Bold Endeavours team are tenacious in finding solutions for our challenges. This really is a company that goes the extra mile. I have no hesitation in giving them the highest possible recommendations."