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Is design included?
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System components

What size should a thumbnail be?
What size should a preview video be?
What format should a preview video be?
What format should I use for hi res downloads?
Can I watermark footage during upload?
What formats do I need for a video library?
Can I sell Images and footage in the same system?
Can I sell prints with the system?
Can I use the same system with different domain names?
What will it cost to use the same system with different domain names?
How does the footage library system arrange for clip downloads?
How many metadata fields can be imported in the library?
How does advanced search work?
Is there a category search?
Can I show other collections?
How does the system deal with meta data for search engines?
Do you offer a taxonomy service to assign key words to items?
Is it possible to execute a query by an external webservice (API)?
Why do I need a content management system (CMS) as part of a footage library?
Why do I need an email marketing tool as part of a footage library?
Can your email marketing suite send SMS and MMS messages?



How secure is the system?
Are personal details on the system encrypted?
Are personal details on the system encrypted?
How are personal, company, customer details kept secure?
How are credit card details kept secure?
Does the server offer a secure connection https://?


Hosting service

Do you host high resolution HD files?
Do you have a hosting SLA?
What hosting and service agreements do you provide?
What language and platform is the system based on?


Development and support

How do you manage your project, i.e. do you have a fixed period for testing, accepting, development, etc.?
How does your project management work?
How long does it take to build a site?
How do you support a project once you start?
What kind of support do you provide?
How do you bug fix?
Where can I find our more about your company?
What happens if Big Easy goes bankrupt?


Property rights

Can I lease the footage library software system?
Can I make an outright buy of the system and software?


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