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Keywording becomes faster with Big Easy One

For the last few months we have been investigating solutions to accelerate media keywording.

Adding proper keywords are essential for helping users find the media content they need. But Video keywording in particular is a time-consuming process which requires great concentration of thought, time and skills. As a library owner, you could consider hiring a freelancer and have all the content keyworded manually. For manual video keywording costs we start, for example, at $6 per hour of video. So if your library contains 100 hours of video you can get all the content keyworded for $600 minimum. And what are the time estimations? Let’s assume an hour video requires 2 hours for proper keywording. 100 hours of video can be tagged within 200 hours or 25 man days, which is more than a month.

Faced with this constant challenge we made a decision to begin implementing an automated keywording feature which allows library owners and admins, and us, to save their time and money. We turned our attention to artificial intelligence technologies.

After testing several tools and contacting several companies we chose Clarifai software. Their software uses a machine learning concept which uses visual elements and patterns to teach the system to automatically recognize different objects. The tool is capable of keywording a one hour video within just three minutes. And the price is half the cost of manual keywording: $3 per video hour. With the artificial intelligence technologies video keywording becomes fully automatic, fast and easy.

We’ve started integrating the Clarifai solution with Big Easy One software. The feature release is scheduled for April – contact us today for a live demonstration on +44 208 123 1776.