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Full e-Commerce Platform for Footage Libraries

Managed licensing plans RF/RR/RM

Managing Rights Managed (RM) and Rights Ready (RR) clips can be a daunting task if you haven’t got the tools in your cataloging process– but it will increase sales and profit handsomely.

Royalty free sales are always going to price sensitive – and lowering the cost doesn’t guarantee sales; it just guarantees you a lower income.

At the “professional” end of the video footage marketplace buyers are looking for location or filler shots for a story; they also want reasonable exclusivity.

If you took care of model and building release whilst you were filming then upgrading your stock to RR or RM is easy with the right system.

E-commerce footage platform

The Big Easy e-commerce platform allows you designate each clip as RR, RM and RF (Royalty free). Integrated with the designator is a self-managed algorithm for you to price your product. At it’s simplest the Big Easy online video platform allows choosing Usage, Distribution, Territory and Term.

When the clip is purchased the rights are included in the invoice and recorded in the client profile in the CRM.

The e-commerce works with your designated bank or Paypal and we hook it up for you as part of the install process.

For a demonstration fill in the form or call

+44 208 123 1778 in Europe or

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