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  • Manage customer data/orders/invoices
  • Manage documentation and notes
  • Manage requests coming from the site
  • Manage library requests
  • Maintain customers loyalty

Timely and appropriate communications with your customers creates higher retention and upsell rates. We understand this and provide a fine tool for managing customer relations. With the Big Easy CRM plugin you will be able to quickly perform the following tasks:

Manage customers data. Find full data on your customers within seconds: orders, invoices, licensing, payment status, mail correspondence and other relevant documents. This data will help you better understand your clients and work out individual discount schemes, offer upsell video packages and retain customers loyalty and trust.

Manage tasks and documentation. The CRM software is supplied with a notes dashboard that allows creating notes, uploading documents, assigning notes statuses, creating reminders for the notes. For instance, you can create a note to call a customer in 2 weeks and assign a notification to your email. This way you can be sure you will make all the calls in time. The system would keep the records of all the notes in a chronological order so you will have a complete image of the actions performed regarding every customer.

Manage site messaging. Users can reach you with various types of requests. This can be either to find some particular footage shots, to shoot a video, provide more details on licensing policy or any other question. The Big Easy message board allows viewing all the requests you get from your clients in one place and answer them within the CMS.

The system will notify you about all the messages received and record the questions and answers you provide. Seeing a conversation stream will save you loads of time and will ensure you get the latest picture of agreements with a customer.

The Big Easy CRM software is a powerful tool to help you manage your clients, build and develop successful cooperation with your customers.



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