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New feature added: Media library content usage statistics

We’ve just added a major new feature – Statistics manager - into the Big Easy media management software. It’s designed to help analyse user behavior and content usage – making your marketing more profitable.

The statistics section contains 4 subsections:

  • most viewed content
  • preview reviewed
  • preview downloaded
  • orders

We have also added an opportunity to export statistics into an Excel file.

Most viewed content

This report shows which media files had most of the views. There are additional filters that help you manage the dates and user groups. For example, you can filter results and select to view all the media files viewed for today by registered users.

Most viewed content - media management software


Preview reviewed

This report provides content views per user. Marketing specialists can view media files views by a particular user. The report contains view date, user name (available for logged in users), file code, title, file preview. There is also an opportunity to filter results by username or email, user type and date. This statistics can help marketing specialists to better understand their clients’ needs and use a personalized approach when dealing with clients.

Preview reviewed - media management software



Preview downloaded

The report shows which media file previews have been downloaded, how many times and by which users (available for logged in users). From the marketing perspective these are the media files that generate most interest. Using this information you can create sets of most popular files, detect users who are most likely and ready to buy, understand which type of content is in-demand.

Preview download - media management software



This section offers statistics on the orders made via the website. The report contains: order date, user name, media file title/code, price, payment status. 

Orders - media library software


If you are interested to see Statistics Manager in action please request demo and we will gladly demonstrate you this feature and the whole admin area.


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