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Media library software

With film, advertising and radio development the need for media content constantly grows. Film makers, advertising agencies, television and radio channels are the primary media content consumers looking for creative media solutions to fit their project needs.

Creativity is what counts. Imagine how much money you can earn with the media library software selling your media content including photos, animation, video clips, footage and audio files online.

Media library software is a tool capable of bringing media producers’ and buyers’ together. If you have the content publishers need why not publish it online and make money from it? All you need to have is great media library software.

Media Asset Management Software Features
Transcoding - media management software
Batch Upload - media management software
Cataloging tool - media management software
Advanced search - media management software
Pay per second - media management software
E-commerce - media management software
CMS - media management software
CRM - media management software
Marketing-tools - media management software
CDN support - media management software
Contributor management - media management software
Hosting & Support - media management software


Media asset management

Flexibility is the primary feature that characterizes good media asset management software. When choosing your media library software you should always check if you can edit/delete/amend/tag/import/export clips, photos and music within the library. Consider multiple content upload facilities, how much time this process takes, what info you can add and edit?

Hosting media library facilities should allow you to store a large number of video clips, images, and audio files, download media assets quickly on a page, generate previews of images and videos and to add watermarks.

Site navigation is the next important issue within digital media management. It is what counts for successful sales. Make sure you can add and amend multiple media categories, subcategories, move the assets between the categories, interlink them, reorganize etc. The more logically your assets are organized into categories, the easier it is to find the necessary media item. Display help tips, links, hints, comments and recommendations to help users navigate between the media items. Visual category presentation also has significance so make sure you illustrate the category content with an appropriate graphic element.



Digital media management

With the help of digital media management software you can easily store, manage, edit, and sell media content online. As a media content provider you should be able to manage:

  • Media assets: add, edit. Delete, import, export, move, optimise
  • Library pages
  • Pricing: set various pricing conditions and options
  • Orders
  • User profiles
  • Payments
  • Licensing

Media asset management software

Media library software should provide the option not only to manage but also more importantly, to optimize the media assets.

Optimising media assets includes:

  • Adding unique metadata to media assets: titles, descriptions, keywords
  • Interlink media assets
  • Tag media assets with proper keywords for users to find the assets

SEO for media assets systems is a very technical job and all SEO issues should be considered right from the beginning at the video library development stage.

Media asset management software code plays an important role in getting rankings in search engines. Correct library code guarantees that search engines bots can analyse your site and index the media assets.

Very often code problems appear when media asset pages are accessible through several addresses. How does this affect your media assets business? Duplicate pages appear in Google index, filters are applied, pages do not appear in SERPS which means no traffic and therefore no sales!

Big Easy software has a fantastic solution for all of these issues. Take a tour through our Demo library and order a tour through the library backoffice.

Please contact us for more information at +44 1784 460 064 or simply send us your request.