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New feature added: SEO tools

Here’s an update on our Big Easy media library software – SEO tools. This will help to make your marketing efforts more effective and we’ve made it simple to do.

SEO is a long and time-consuming process. Modern SEO includes around 200 ranking factors (if not more). It involves both optimizing the content and the technical side of the website. The new section is designed to help you manage website indexation and to quickly setup Google Analytics and Webmaster tools.

SEO tools section includes:

  • Google Analytics tracking code
  • Webmaster tools verification
  • Sitemap
  • Robots txt

Google Analytics tracking code

Within this section an admin can add the GA tracking code to all of the website pages. No technical knowledge or access to the library code is required. Inserting the tracking code into the website now takes several minutes and is done in the admin area.

Add Google Analytics tracking code


Webmaster Tools verification

This section allows adding a verification html file into the system. In order to do this you need first to register your website in Google webmaster tools and download the html file. Then you simply upload the file to the server in the admin area. The whole procedure takes minutes.

Webmaster tools verification code


Webmaster tools verification code



A sitemap is very important for getting more of your website pages indexed by Google. You can generate a sitemap using any free tool online and then simply upload the file to the system. You can then edit it in the admin area: add new pages, delete the old ones, change pages priority. What is more important you can upload several sitemaps and manage their file names. For example, you can create a general sitemap.xml for text pages and a separate videositemap.xml for your video assets.

Manage sitemap


Robots txt

Robots.txt file is used by search engines to crawl website pages. You can disallow indexation of some website areas, specify the host and the sitemap address. And you can do all of this in the admin area without having to access the website code. There are many more SEO opportunities provided by the Big Easy software. More details are available here.

Manage robots.txt


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