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Video meta description optimization

The footage and video production business can be a very profitable occupation. Even if filming videos is just a hobby, you can still publish videos online, sell them and make money.

To sell videos you need  a good video library management software. And then your clips should appear in Google with the main keywords related to your video production. Although video optimization is very technical there are still many things you can do to promote your videos in Google. So what are these methods?

Write a long video description

Why is this necessary? Because videos cannot be scanned by search engines. In other words search engine bots cannot understand what the video is about, however bots do analyze the text that surrounds videos. A short, one sentence description gives Google very little information about it whereas a long video description gives Google the opportunity to evaluate your video and decide which keywords can be associated with it.

Tips on writing a good SEO video description

1)    Describe your video in every detail. Try to produce a long video description; at least 1500 characters long. Describe all the actions that take place in the video, name all the places, enumerate people, colours, objects, list every single detail in each video. Look at your clip from your client’s perspective. If you wanted to find your video on the web which words would you use to search for it?

2)    Use keywords. Words like “video, footage, stock footage, clip” are a must. Use the keywords mentioned in video name and video title. Here you can read how to add proper SEO video titles and metatags (link to this article).

3)    Keyword variations. Play with the keywords. Use singular and plural, add location specifications, combine your main keywords with “buy, order, quote”. This will provide a solid ground for low volume keywords positions. You will get from 1 to 10 visits for a low volume term but if you have a hundred low volume keywords working then eventually you will get a decent amount of traffic streaming to your video website.

4)    Do not overoptimize. Although you write this description for search engines remember that it will appear on the video page, so users will see it and maybe even read it. Make sure it reads OK. Overoptimization with keywords can sometimes produce a negative effect. Too much keyword repetition can lead to the item being considered as spam, meaning the site or video page can get under the filter which results in no positions at all.

5)    Have a unique description. This is probably one of the most important factors. The description should be unique. Even if you have 10 clips that feature the same event, the video description should differ for each of them. Even if you have the same clip uploaded to different sites, the video description should differ each time. Duplicate content is serious grounds for spam filters to be applied to the site as it contradicts Google rules. Google strives to deliver its users the most relevant resources. If your site copies content that is already published somewhere or duplicates inner pages it means your site is not good enough to appear in SERPS.

6)    Add links to other clips. This is not as important as the above tips but can also be effective. Links to other videos, video categories, and featured clips help search engine bots crawl more pages and index more videos. Make sure that the link anchor text contains a keyword + “video”.

Having SEO optimized video descriptions can help your videos achieve high positions in SERPS. Writing the description will take time and effort but eventually you will see the benefits as you begin achieving results in selling your videos online.