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Video library software

Video library software has become the perfect solution to the complexity of managing assets for video library owners. It is used in hundreds of footage libraries and assists stock movie clip buyers in their research, helping to achieve millions of sales. Video library software definitely helps to understand and meet the needs of modern consumers and to promote the process of stock footage sales. 

Check here the system frontend. If you want to see the platform backend please contact us and schedule demo. A working model of video management software
We are proud to demonstrate you our most recent work and what our clients say about our video library software.Video library software clients and references


Video Library Software Features

Transcoding - media management software
Batch Upload - media management software
Cataloging tool - media management software
Advanced search - media management software
Pay per second - media management software
E-commerce - media management software
CMS - media management software
CRM - media management software
Marketing-tools - media management software
CDN support - media management software
Contributor management - media management software
Hosting & Support - media management software


Video Library Management

The main characteristics of video library management software tend to feature a lot of technological and even marketing aspects but certain characteristics and assets distinguish it from other types of software. 10 years ago, putting the stock footage on the web and then connecting the buyer and seller of the stock movie clips was a task for tech-savvy experts who could work with HTML and were could professionally use programming languages. With modern video library software, anyone can add video content to an online database. The owner of a video management software library is able to edit, review, update and develop a web presence without the need for a personal assistant or web developer. With an advanced content management system, integrated SEO tools and an Email/SMS marketing suite, the broad search and narrow search (the two main phases of stock footage buyers) become easy and accessible for both sides. 

When we talk about marketing, Google page rank, landing pages, adding video to the web site and keywords, it seems that all these phrases are separate tasks and may not be applicable in the use of video library management software in particular. But if you look closer, you’ll realize that each of these key parts of marketing are linked together and already included in the video management software you might use. CMS takes care of adding new pages and updating the content, SEO tools enable the resource to be found on Google and invoicing options assist you in communication with your customers. Digital video library software was created after first studying stock footage buyer motivation, competitors’ behavior, distribution partners and the sales process.

Another point you should pay attention to is support for different currencies. Support for USD, EUR and GBR is a must for modern online video platforms. Various payment gateways are always important, so make sure that your video library management software package contains WorldPay, PayPal and Protx methods.

Video library software

The wide array of competing stock footage libraries show different examples of design, business management and video library software, but only the best of these are set up to be visible on the web and to produce the highest amount of sales. Most giants had chosen video library management systems with benefits and features that included e-marketing and SEO tools, financial management, FTP upload, import of metadata/hyperlinked keywords, in-built search engine, pricing/categories management, meta tags integration, multilingual assets, formatting (for various files), the feature of generating discounts for certain percentages and an advanced online video hosting. Your customers may use different OS, so don’t forget about compatibility with Mac, Windows and Linux.

All of us strive for perfection in business management and aim to achieve good profits.  And many of us keep asking the same question: How do I achieve this perfection and excellence? The answer is really simple; it all starts from the quality of software product you’re using when you start your online business, and an amazing team of experts working with you to fulfill your goals.