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How to get your videos indexed by search engines

To sell video clips online successfully requires traffic which converts into sales. So the fact that some of the pages with video content are not displayed in search engine result page is simply unacceptable.

There are methods to “help” search engines to notice and crawl all of the pages. One of them is page interlinking and another one, which we will discuss here, is placement of video xml sitemap.

Video xml sitemap

Video xml sitemap is to tell Google and other search engines about your video content they may not have indexed. A video xml map is integrated with the digital video library software with the help of Google Webmaster Tools. We don`t intend to describe the process of integration here; instead we`ll talk about the purpose and advantages of using video xml sitemap.

If you add video clip on the site it does not mean that it will be automatically indexed by Google and displayed in search. It takes some efforts to get the page to the point when it is noticed by search engine.

As we have already mentioned video xml sitemap is essential for indexing all video content placed on a web-site. It helps Google crawlers to identify all video clips on a site and include them into search engine result page. When the crawler gets to a site with an xml map, it uses it as a channel to reach even the most remote corners of the web resource. The crawler indexes and copies pages with video content and as a result they appear in search.

It should be mentioned that pages with video content should be optimized correctly. It means that meta tags as well as onpage text content should be descriptive and relevant. Incoming links should have anchors which correspond to the page’s content. This and the aforementioned video xml sitemap will help Google crawler to find all the pages with video content on your site.

To learn more about how to make Google index your pages, please read Optimizing metatags for online video search and optimizing video meta description articles.


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