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Video Asset Management

Create clips online from reel or programme

Most online footage libraries continue selling short clips.

It seems to be a legacy from the early days of the online business when library owners simply copied the retail market.

But go back earlier when buyers would ask a library if they have clips of x or y or z and the content owner would send them a reel to review.

Anecdotally we’re finding that as researchers and buyers get more pressured to find the right footage they are asking footage libraries to do the research for them.

All of this adds considerably to the cost of doing business and video asset management; creating short clips is expensive, takes a lot of time… and may no longer be necessary.

Dramatic time savings with automated video asset management

We’ve looked long and hard at this conundrum and have come up with modern take on an original solution for video asset management.

The first is to give content administrators a truly powerful search within the admin system; so Admin can search the library – clips and reels – find the right selection and add them to a clipbin. The clipbin can be mailed to the customer.


Pay per second - customers prefer it

There is another very powerful tool available – the ability for the customer to search a reel, pay per second and then download the selections in a choice of resolutions.

Transcoding - media management software
Batch Upload - media management software
Cataloging tool - media management software
Advanced search - media management software
Pay per second - media management software
E-commerce - media management software
CMS - media management software
CRM - media management software
Marketing-tools - media management software
CDN support - media management software
Contributor management - media management software
Hosting & Support - media management software


Video asset management software

Pay per second - video assets management

Our video asset management software can ingest a complete show reel or programme. As it imports the file it automatically transcodes the video and produces five extra files – two low resolution videos for previewing (one is watermarked, the other for download requests), thumbnail videos and a thumbnail jpg for use in search results.

Video asset management software copies the metadata embedded in the video to the database so the file is instantly searchable.

When customers arrive online they search the reel, marking in and out points and then add the clips to a bin or download the seconds they want. They can even try the clips in our online video editing system to see if they fit the story they are trying to create.

Let’s have a look at time to market too.



When you clip an hour long video the time needed, even using batch output software, the output plus metadata will take around 5 minutes per clip; so converting a sixty minute video to 30 second clips will take around 10 hours. And you have 300 hours to catalogue? That’s 18 month’s work right there. Plus metadata and uploading.

Let’s look at this a little more. To convert three hundred hours of digital video using standard editing software will take twelve to eighteen months. But upload 300 hours via the transcoder embeded into our video asset management software and you’ll be done in two days.

So, eighteen months or two days before you can go to market?

Your choice.

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