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Advanced search

With the Advanced Search feature users can:

  • Get extensive and relevant video search results
  • Filter videos according to various parameters
  • Find the right videos within seconds



Why is video search so easy with Big Easy One  media library software? When a user begins browsing the library the following mechanisms come into play:

  1. Smart ranking. This weighting mechanism allows ranking the content according to relevancy of the keyword. The search mechanism analyses the keyword position, repetition, surrounding terms and defines how relevant the video is for the searched term. Result – accurate video search results.

  2. Stemming. This option allocates the stem of the keyword and is capable of searching for this stem throughout the whole library clips. This way users searching for “happy” will also see the clips with “happier” and “happiness” keywords. You can be sure no relevant clip is missed.

  3. Suggestions. When a user begins typing a search phrase the system gives a hint for possible keyword combinations taken from the clip descriptions available in the library. Keyword hints assure a fast and effective library search.

  4. Facet search. Facet search is an advanced mechanism that allows search within the library not only by keyword but by numerous video parameters: time of day, format, license, setting, location and many more. Users can filter the clips by these parameters, create custom filers, change them, and find the most relevant videos.

  5. Synonyms. The system is capable of suggesting keywords synonyms. By allocating a dictionary users enjoy fast and easy video search experience.

Providing users relevant video search results is the core function of a good video library management software; our advanced search pushes the boundaries further with class leading Advanced Search features. 

Now you can provide your customers with the most effective and fast video search experience with Big Easy Advanced Search features.



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