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Online Video hosting

Running a video library you face a necessity to choose online video hosting. There are not so many options. You can either rent a server from some hosting provider or you can operate your own server. Most video library owners choose the first variant as it is cheaper and does not require hiring a server administrator.

When choosing a video hosting platform you need to consider security, speed, server technical characteristics, prices and some other factors. Your main goal is to get a fast and steady working server to ensure excellent video management system performance. 

Choosing the best online video hosting platform is vital. First of all, it is about security. As a library owner you need to ensure that your clients’ data is stored securely and is protected by all possible means. You need to secure both content and users’ data, especially payments.

Secondly, you want your library to work fast to provide excellent user experience. If your library operates user generated content with hundreds of content providers uploading video every month website speed comes to first place. 

And thirdly, you want to be sure that hosting video online your library will be up most of the time.


Best online video hosting platform

With a decade of experience in online video platform development we came to a conclusion that Amazon Cloud Hosting services suit best for hosting video online.

Our video hosting platform is tightly integrated with Amazon storage S3 which provide the following advantages for your video library software:

1. Security. Amazon servers are up and working 99% of time. In case of servers failure AWS specialists fix problems themselves. Amazon video hosting for websites also ensures 24/7 support meaning that any hosting problems will be solved fast and efficiently. 

2. Automatic backups. The servers are set to record automatic website backups on a regular basis. The backups are kept in the system for 7 days and are updated every week. In case of critical bugs or library failure you can restore digital video library software files within minutes.

3. Low prices – possibility to store lots of data for moderate price. Prices for online video hosting start from 50 GBP per month including support.

4. Quick access. 

5. CDN support – S3 allows cloud front or CDN as it is called. Most likely you expect selling your videos all over the world. So your users may be viewing the website from any part of the globe. CDN allows downloading video content from the closest host to user location. With this online video hosting feature you can assure that your users are comfortable when working with the library. 

6. Possibility to set up auto scaling. This function can be useful when website load increases. In this case other servers automatically turn on taking part of the load from the main server. Auto scaling is definitely an option to be used for high loaded projects with several thousand visitors per day. Auto scaling is not a preset video hosting feature of video hosting for websites. Our web developers can set this function within your video hosting platform.



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