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Visual Page Editor

With the Big Easy Visual editor you will benefit from fast and easy library management. You can:

  • Edit pages on the fly
  • Navigate quickly around the site while editing content
  • Preview the changes instantly



Whilst managing your video library you’ll encounter various tasks; for different tasks we have developed specific tools to ensure fast and easy video content management. The visual editor is at hand when you need to implement changes to your site pages, news or menu items. It allows editing and creating new items on the fly and no need to search for the pages in the admin area. The Visual editor tool will save you time and provide wonderful user experience.


Easy navigation - fast editing. You can simply log into site admin area, switch to the visual editor mode and browse to the page you want to edit. Page editing operations are already available at this stage. You can now quickly edit the page, adjust content display, align all the elements and preview the changes in seconds. The same option is available for menu items. You can create and edit menus, reorder the items, create new items and see all the changes instantly.

Advanced content management tools. We try to provide the most comfortable tools for content management and fast video asset management. Within the Big Easy CMS you can edit pages via visual editor tool, view the full list of pages, view the page tree with all the interconnections between content items. You can easily switch between various modes and choose the one that matches your current task best.




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