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Video Management System

There are many video professionals, enthusiast and amateurs out there. The kind of people for whom filming is a lifestyle and true passion. But very often things people love to do don’t provide any substantial financial reward. So the question is - how do you turn someone’s filming passion into a profitable business? And the answer is - Media asset management software .

If you like filming, and there is a whole stock of footages you’ve shot why not to sell those clips to someone who might need them for a movie, video report or a commercial? This is the purpose of online video platform – to build a video library out of the footage and then offer the library to buyers worldwide via the internet. Then using built-in up-to-date online marketing technology, you can sell your video clips with maximum profit. And with video content management software from Big Easy Software it really is that simple!    



Video library management system

Nowadays there are many video library management systems on the market. However most of them cannot fulfill all your needs and expectations. You might find good solutions for uploading video fast, transcoding delivery videos, some might have powerful search mechanisms or e-commerce solutions. But in comparison with other systems the Big Easy video asset management software has all the features to run a footage business online.

So what are at the qualities that differentiate a mediocre video content management software from high-end video management system? The general functions of video library management system are uploading, encoding and managing video clips for selling online. But the main qualities which make software worthwhile are: intuitive and easy usage, simple organization of clips, various media formats, encoding options, rich set of management tools. 

What makes a good video management system

It’s all about features and possibilities that the system opens before the admin. The more various tasks you can do with no help from developer the more powerful video library management system you have.

Automation. Video upload, transcoding, preview and watermarks generation, metadata generation, prices recalculation, video delivery –these processes are automatic within the Big Easy library software which saves you days of hard monotonous work.

Tools for business. Uploading and managing videos is only part of the job. To run your business successfully you need to do a lot of marketing, optimization and social networking. It saves time and effort if you have all the tools in one place. Want to add keywords into your page titles? Share a post into Facebook? Or maybe send a newsletter promoting a discount offer? With Big Easy video management system it’s simple and fast.

Tools for end-users. Review the system from your end-customers perspective. They will perform 2 basic actions: search for footage and buy footage. Our system has a powerful search mechanism: stemming, smart ranking, suggestions, facet search, synonyms. This ensures the most relevant search results.

Video content management software

A superb video content management software is helpful and easy for anyone to use, from a novice or an expert. Alongside clean design, great video asset management system is easy to navigate through the system and self-explanatory. Moreover, point-and-click and drag-and-drop functions add even more simplicity to using video library management system.

Great digital video library software organizes clips in simple way. Video content management software should offer creating and editing metadata properties for better content management. Fields like Title, Description, Social MetaTags (plus custom fields specifically for your needs) will help you organize your video content and will make it much easier for your customer to find the clips in your library.

Good value video library management system provides extensive opportunities of working with various media formats and encoding options. Of course there are much more functions and details which make video asset management software great. Among them extensive search tool; advertising and monetizing opportunities; metrics, usage report and analytics; mobile delivery of video content for various devices; online video hosting, customization - to create rich user experience.

Modern, flexible and comprehensive video management software is what organizes stock footages, presents them appropriately on the Internet and creates the opportunity to turn video clips into profit.



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Advanced search - media management software
Pay per second - media management software
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SEO Friendly - media management software
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